Short introduction on Mythology |

1) Write the intro and conclusion for the entire project.
You have now researched all aspects of your plant.(nettle) It is time to write an introduction and a meaningful conclusion and make
recommendations (or not) for its use. Back up your recommendations! This should be about 1000 words total.
An excellent introduction is really important to set the tone for the paper. It is a good idea to spend extra time polishing the
sentence structure and grammar to set the reader up to expect a well-written paper. A thoughtful conclusion with personal
recommendation is the final icing on your cake. It wraps everything up in a nice package and summarizes what the reader has learned. It
is a very important part of a professional-sounding paper. Bringing in a personal connection when appropriate gives the reader a chance
to know you through your opinions.
2) Assemble the final submission
Time to assemble your polished term project. Take everything you have learned and the feedback you have received, polish everything up
including the grammar and the pictures and post it proudly. And Voila! You have created a large term project before you know it!
Final Submission: This section will include the following sections, and each of these should have headings bolded and underlined:
Title Page including your name, date, chosen herb, and word countOverall IntroductionShort Introduction on common usesCommon UsesBasic informationTreatments, curesGrowth habitatsPreparation for medicinal useShort introduction about faulty argumentation4 identified arguments, labeled, explained and referencedCreated advertisementShort introduction on MythologyStories, Myths, Superstitions about your chosen plantIdentify clearly the cultural origin of the storyShort introduction on medical evidenceScientific evidence that your plant worksMedical or clinical studiesChemical components including chemical structures (this is important!)Your recipe and its usesPicture of your productOverall ConclusionReference citations for the entire paperOverall 6-7000 words! Please include and HONEST overall word count or points will be deducted


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