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Purpose: Any good research project must acknowledge that it does not exist in a vacuum. This is not the first time student groups, the UC system, UC Davis, scholars, journalists, bloggers etc. have thought about this topic! Your first step is to learn what work has been done already (don’t reinvent the wheel), what knowledge has already been put into the public sphere and what gaps in knowledge exist by those who have been studying and thinking about this.The review will help frame the final project paper: What are the key concepts and theories from the class readings and other related sources that help define the terms, frame the debates, situate the project in the broader scholarship of environmental justice studies? How do these sources address the key themes of the course (such as race, class, gender, sexuality, the state, capital) in ways that will be helpful for the project?Skills: You will learn skills such as identifying high-quality academic sources relevant to your topic, putting the key ideas in these sources into your own words, synthesize key ideas in the sources into themes; identify the important contributions of the sources and identify gaps in the literature that your research can help fill.Task:Write a 5-page (double-spaced) literature review (plus references)The literature review must include at least 5 sources from the class readings and at least 5 other sources from the broader field of environmental justice studies relevant to the group’s topic.The document should be structured as follows:1. Introduction (up to one page): Thesis statement; What are the major themes and questions that this lit review will cover?2. Key Themes/ Questions2a. Theme/ question 1: What are the key readings that address this theme? What the most important ideas in these readings? How are they relevant to the project?2b.Theme/ question 2 – ditto2c.Theme/ question 3- ditto3. Synthesis: What overall insights does this literature provide to help frame the final research project? Are there gaps in the literature that would be important for your project to help fill?4. Bibliography. Include all sources you cite in the text of the document. For the 10 sources, 5 can be from the course and 5 should be from outside sources. Please use primarily scholarly/ academic sources. These are peer-reviewed journals or books. You can use some non-academic sources (websites, blogs, news stories). However, in general plan to add more of these sources when you do the detailed research for the paper.Use APA style for in-text and sources sections.attachmentFinalProjectLiteratureReview.docxattachmentSzeandLondon.2008.EJattheCrossroads.pdfattachmentPellow_EnvInequalityFormation-1.pdfattachmentPulido_EJmethodology_1996.pdfattachmentPulidodeLara_EJandBlackRadicalTrad.pdfattachmentTheGreenNewDeal_116_hres109ih.pdfattachmentDavid_Pellow-TOWARD_A_CRITICAL_ENVIRONMENTAL_JUSTICE.pdfattachmentFaber2008-Capitalizingonenvironmentalinjustice.pdfattachmentHarrisonJill_GovernmentAgenciesEnvironmentalJusticeEfforts.pdfattachmentHarrisonJill_WeDoEcologyNotSociology.pdfattachmentFredickson_HistoryofUSPresedentialAssaultonModernEnvironmentalHealthProtection.pdfattachmentQuiroz-Martinezetal.2005.ReGeneration-YoungPeopleShapingEJ.pdfattachmentWellsEJinPost-WarAmericaWeek6.pdfattachmentAlkon.2018.AnEJApproachtoFood.pdfattachmentCh7_SacredSitesandEnvironmentalJustice.pdfattachmentCh8_WaysForwardforEnvironmentalJusticeinIndianCountry.pdf
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