story journal about poetry 2 pages

Each journal must be 500-750 words a piece and include a title of sorts to
clue me into what you are discussing. For the most part, I will be instructing
you for each of your journals, or giving you some direction. Each journal will
be collected and catalogued before I read them, so I know they are turned in
on time. For the final point score, you will receive some amount of points
out of five.
I will be looking for:

500-750 words minimum

thoughtful responses

meaningful questioning and reflection

a strong indication that you have considered the material that I have
directed you to
Please keep all five journals, so that you have it on hand in case we need to
check your points online! Usually your topics will concern either a piece we
read in class or a discussion we had in class.
This assignment is intended to keep the gates of writing ease open so that
you do not stall out so easily during your formal writing assignments. This is
a free space to invent, discover, and explore your own writing voice and
opinions. Feel free to do so! Sometimes academic writing, or rather our
preconceptions of academic writing, get in our own way, and the only way to
escape it is to feel free to write what we like without those constraints. I want
you to practice this as a tool for formal writing assignments (of course,
always remember who you are writing to; I want to hear what you have to say
within the bounds of polite and informed conversation).
Topic: “For this journal, I ‘d like to know how you are feeling and what you are thinking about reading poetry. Is your experience of poetry shifting? In what direction? Do you like it better than when we began, or less? Give me the details.”
**Only one story journal needed. Thank you.
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