Structures and functions of protein disulfide isomerase

Chose one of these articles
1- OKUMURA, M; KADOKURA, H INABA, K. Structures and functions of protein disulfide isomerase family members involved in proteostasis in the endoplasmic reticulum. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 83, 314-322, june 1, 2015. ISSn:08915849
2-Jia-Lun Wang, Dongxiang Liu, Zhi-Jia Zhang, Simei Shan, Xiaobing Han, Srinivasa M. Srinivasula, Carlo M. Croce, Emad S. Alnemri, and Ziwei Huang
Structure-based discovery of an organic compound that binds Bcl-2 protein and induces apoptosis of tumor cellsPNAS 2000 97: 7124-7129.
3-Diego Bernal-Bernal1, Ar·nzazu Gallego-GarcÌa1 ,GemaGarcÌa-MartÌnez. Et al, Structure-Function Dissection of MyxococcusxanthusCarD N-Terminal Domain, a Defining Member of the CarD_CdnL_TRCF Family of RNA Polymerase Interacting Proteins. PloS ONE. 10, 3, 1-15, Mar.2015. ISSN: 19326203
1-What was this paper about? In your answer include the scientific and common names of the organism studied, and describe the problem being addressed. This is required for all papers, including those that use humans as the organism studied.
2-Describe one of the major results in your own words. Refer to a figure or table illustrating the result and explain what the experiment revealed. You do not need to include the figure.
3-Briefly summarize the significance of the overall results. Was any paradigm shifted or did the paper simply fill out a corner of some well understood phenomenon? Again, use your own words.


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