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Each question needs to be 200 words with 2 refs.
1. Script Kiddies and Code Monkeys
These two terms can be interpreted as derogatory, but they also appear as standard jargon in the workplace.

What is a script kiddie?
What is a code monkey?
What are the differences? Does it matter?
Does a kiddie make more money than a monkey? Programmer? Developer? Engineer?
How are these terms used in a negative manner? 
Do they fit within a Christian worldview? Why/Why not?
Within the tech industry, how are these terms applied?
Do you want to be a script kiddie or code monkey someday? Why/Why not?

2. Runtime vs. Realtime Considerations
Thus far, we have learned several feature differences between scripting and programming languages.

Research the concept of compilation with regards to code.
Is there a difference in how scripts are compiled vs. how programs are compiled?
What is the difference between compiletime and runtime? 
Should these differences and definitions have an impact on what language you choose to write in? Why?
Research and determine what types of languages are used predominantly in your industry,  I work in cybersecurity and why those choices might relate to the differences between runtime and realtime compilation and/or execution.


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