to write a philosophically relevant essay the essay will facilitate philosophical thinking and writing

Structural Requirements:
1. double spaced
2. text should appear in a font size that is no larger than 12pts.
3. All documentation must be in MLA form.
4. You must include at least four outside resources.
5. 3-5 pages in length
6. Peer Editing-please have a student complete the peer editing sheet on your paper. This can be found in the handout section of the course.
General Requirements:
1. You must have an introduction with a thesis statement. Remember the introduction should make the reader want to continue reading your work. Also, the reader should be able to easily identify your thesis statement. Make certain the your thesis statement is clear and concise.
2. Your essay must contain a body. The body is the heart and soul of your essay.
3. You must write a conclusion, that reminds the reader what he/she has learned while reading your work.
General Writing Requirements:
1) State the problem or concept you are going to explore.
2) Develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement should state the primary goal of your paper. An example of a thesis statement is, “The goal of this paper is to prove that the speed limit on Rt. 270 needs to be increased.”
3) The body of your work should focus on one or two of the ethical theories we have discussed in class.
4) Include outside sources (primary sources)to support your argument or help explore the issue at hand. These materials should be philosophical in nature. If anyone picks a topic and needs assistance in locating sources please speak with the instructor.
5) In your conclusion, be certain to restate the problem or concept that you explored and summarize your argument
Grades shall be earned on the following criteria:
1) Structure-The essay needs to follow the “general writing requirements” listed above.
2) Content-The essay should contain your own thinking, that is, this should not be merely a research paper, but a work that represents your own thought and represents you as a philosopher.
3) The grading standards on the syllabus shall also be used to evaluate your essay.
Remember that literally translated philosophy means the “love of wisdom”; so choose a topic that you would sincerely enjoy exploring.

Your topic must be pertaining to Metaphysics, Epistemology or Ethics that we have discussed. I would HIGHLY suggest that you keep your topic narrow. If you are going to try to prove that abortion is right, in 5 pages, or that God exists in five pages, you will not be able to do it. Your argument should be as specific as possible. I need to review your topic and your thesis statement before you turn in the paper
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