Trimester3A2022SingaporeExamDetails.pptx – Assignment:

Duration Take-Home Exam
Start: Wed, 1st February 2023, 11am Singapore Time (available on blackboard)
End: Fri, 3rd February 2023, 11am (Singapore Time)

Section A – 20 marks Case study: Answer Questions 1 a-d
Word limit: 1 page per response for each question

Section B – 20 marks Answer 2 Questions from 5 Questions
Word limit: 2 pages per response for each question

Format Responses typed, 12-point Times Roman, 1.5 spacing
Exam cover sheet must be attached to submission

Fri, , 3rd February April 2023 (Singapore Time) through Turnitin
Penalty of 100% for submission after due date and time
Exam Details

The role of culture
Planning for market research
Market segmentation
Product management and global brands
Market entry and expansion & Global distribution and logistics
Pricing strategies and tactics
Leadership, corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Exam Topics

The case study will be made available on blackboard two weeks prior to the examination
The case study is compulsory and all the questions related to the case must be answered (Section A)
The case study will be available in “Learning Modules” tab on Blackboard-> “Tri 3A 2022 Singapore Exam” folder.

Case Study
“Case 11-1: Global Automakers Target Low- Income Consumers”

Indicate your question numbers
Use a report format
Use headings and sub headings
Highlight / underline key words
Use marketing terminology
Introduce diagrams where possible
When discussing theory include examples of its application

You need to in-text reference and have a reference list.
Any information that is taken from all sources must be referenced.

Repeat the entire question in your answer.
Collaborate with your colleagues – similar responses will result in issues of collusion
Paraphrase chunks from the case study or online publications – same phrases will result in issues of plagiarism
Include a lengthy introduction or conclusion
Do not

Thank you 
Good Luck in your Final Exam


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