UNIT 1 Assignment: Job Search

Locate a job posting that would interest you after graduation (Medical Assistant, focusing in phlebotomy) one where the employer is identified rather than an anonymous posting or staffing agency opening. There is no min or max length for the paper to be written.
Watch the following video to assist you with completing the assignment: 7 Tips for Researching Companies. (3:38)
For the assignment:
Provide the job title, job description, and URL for this job posting.
Discuss what aspects of the position interest you.
Discuss why you are qualified.
Share something from the research you did about the company’s history and goals.
Share something from the research you did on the industry the company is in.
Explain why this is an industry you want to be in and why is this company somewhere you would like to work.
List the technical/hard skills required for this specific position.
Explain how your education, externship(s), and previous work experience help you to meet these requirements.
Identify the soft skills that would be desirable for this position.
Give examples of situations where you used these skills.
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