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Global Aging
The demographic realities of global aging of families in later life are undeniable; clearly the aging of society is accompanied by and is a catalyst for enormous social change. This change represents a transformation in the changing patterns of fertility and mortality in a family in later life. Global aging is associated with changing family structures, changes in work and retirement patterns, shifting burdens of disease away from infectious to chronic illness, new economic challenges, and the development of social welfare systems within a family in later life.
As a human service and public service leader working with families in later life, discuss how you would address a family’s issues with global aging. Use your personal experiences, your family in later life interviews, and the Riverbend City family to address the following in your discussion:

What would you list as the most important aging issue facing the family in later life in developing nations? What would you list as the most important issue for families in later life in developed nations? Why?
What lessons can the United States learn from other nations with respect to programs and services for families in later life?

Support your thoughts with references from current professional literature.
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