what is involved in finalising a project?

Design Brief: I am a digital media asset manager for a production company..
mainly focus on assessment task 3 – the project to include task 1’s skills. the questions from assessment task 2 i have completed.
Assessment task 3 Project needs to include evidence of me working as a media asset manager for a production company. 1: i need to create a management system to track and manage all media elements the production team have created. 2: shows proficient use of information tracking and repository systems. 3::accurate record keeping, updating and tracking 4: attention to detail 5: ability to work effectively as a member of a production team. 6: easily identifiable assets for each member of the team. Project checklist:is in the PDF I have posted
assessment 2: questions.. (i have already answered these questions so have not posted a pic ) what is a content management system ? why is it important to record information about documents and media assets? what should be included in the plan for project completion? what is involved in finalising a project?


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