what was the title of the media article

For this assignment, you will need to locate a media/news article that is related to sociology, family and human development, or psychology and then answer the following questions. (It should be a real article – i.e., not something from The Onion or similar outlets). Please include a link to the article you selected.

Where did you find your article (e.g., CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc)
What was the title of the media article?

After reading the media article, do you feel that the title accurately represented the study being described or does the title seem misleading? Explain.

After reading your media article, what is a concern you might have with this study based on what is presented in the media article? Explain why it is a concern and how the media article could address that concern. Some things to consider: What additional information would you like to know that is not reported in the news article? What are some alternative explanations that might exist? Do the results presented apply to everyone?
Based on the lecture and textbook reading, what are reasons that we might reject scientific research studies even if they have been rigorously tested (i.e., call ‘fake news’ on something that has been established by the scientific community)? This question could also be asked the opposite way; what are reasons that we might accept ‘research’ findings even if they have not been rigorously tested or are presented inaccurately by the media?

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