Which of the following examples best illustrates the process of perception?

PSYCHOLOGY 100 MCQsA person with normal color vision is referred to as a:a. trichromat.b. dichromat.c. bichromat.d.monochromat.The coiled, snail-like tube in the inner ear that is filled with fluid is called the:a. cochlea.b. cornea.c. organ of Corti.d.stirrup.When a nerve impulse is sent to the brain from the ear, that impulse originates from:a. the eardrum.b. the hair cells on the organ of Corti.c. the oval window.d.the basilar membrane.Pheromones are most relevant to which sense?a. visionb. touchc. tasted.smellWhich of the following examples best illustrates the process of perception?a. recognizing the voice of your best friendb. detecting a faint sound during a hearing testc. a sensory neuron in the eye responds to a light hitting itd.a drop of sugar hitting the taste buds on your tongueTactile information regarding pressure, pain, and warmth are sent to and processed in the:a. motor cortex.b. frontal lobe.c. somatosensory cortex.d.occipital lobe.Imagine you are dribbling a basketball. Neural messages provided by your muscles, tendons, and joints give your brain feedback about the movements you are making in order to allow you to continue bouncing the ball. This feedback is an example of your:a. vestibular sense.b. olfactory sense.c. kinesthetic sense.d.gustatory sense.
The depth perception cues that require the use of only one eye are called:a. convergence cues.b. singular cues.c. monocular cues.d.binocular cues.Visual illusions are primarily of interest to researchers studying perception because they:a. provide valuable information on sensory adaptation.b. provide information about how key photopigments in the retina function.c. provide important information about how perceptual processes work under normal conditions.d.represent instances in which the dual-process theory of vision fails.One study found that when presented with a picture of a group of people in a house, North American and European participants perceived an object as being a window behind a woman, while East Africans interpreted the same object as a box or basket on top of the woman’s head. This study best illustrates:a.the effect of cultural experiences on picture perception.b. the effect of biology on sensation.c. the Gestalt law of continuity.d.a conflict between shape constancy and size constancy.Joey has no trouble seeing when he’s reading books and working on his computer, but he has a fair amount of difficulty seeing things in the distance. Joey most likely suffers from:a. farsightedness.b. color blindness.c. myopia.d.hyperopia.In the eye, ________ are the color receptors and function best in bright illumination.a. pinsb. rodsc. conesd.barsThe process in which the qualities of a sensory stimulus are converted into nerve impulses is specifically called:a. perception.b. transduction.c. conversion.d.sensory adaptation.


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