Wk 1 – Apply: Overview of Business STR/581

Wk 1 – Apply: Overview of Business STR/581

Wk 1 – Apply: Overview of Business STR/581

  1. Throughout this program, you developed different components of your business plan.
  2. You will fill in the various business plan sections using the content developed in prior MBA courses. The business plan sections and associated courses are listed below. If you did not complete (or no longer have access to) one or more of these prior course assignments, please refer to the “Business Plan Overview”document located in the Course Resources folder for additional guidance on what should be included in each section.
  3. Executive Summary (Overview of Business)
  4. Financial Plan from FIN/571
  5. Market Analysis from DAT/565
  6. Operations Plan from OPS/574
  7. Marketing Plan from MKT/574
  8. Strategic Plan from STR/581
  9. View some of the sample business plans that are located in the “Help>Sample Plan Library” menu for ideas on how you may want to set up your own business plan.

Note: You are not uploading any components of your business plan at this point. You are only setting up the structure of your professional digital portfolio.

Complete a 175- to 350-word Executive Summary of your business plan that includes the following components:

  • Your mission
  • Your vision
  • A general description of the products or services that your organization will offer
  • Your market
  • Projected revenue and expenses

Note: This will be the same organization that you’ve used throughout your program.

Wk 1 – Apply: Overview of Business STR/581


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