Doctorate Level help

Doctorate Level help


Over the years, I have worked with more than 115 doctorate level students on various projects including research classes, SPSS analysis, literature review, concept papers, and dissertations on both QRM and IRB levels.Since I started, I have always ensured that the core focus of my model is building relationship with my doctorate students. Unlike other websites ( you don’t know where they are based nor where they are from ), my service, is not limited to completing your order, rather than building a long term relationship with you until you receive your IRB approval, pass doctorate defense, and earn your doctorate degree.

First Thing First

Why you should choose LindasHelp

for your Doctorate Level Needs ?


During your doctorate journey, you can text me anytime you need me, and you will see that I am always there for you, not only when you have an order, but also if you need a consultation or a second opinion reading a paper you wrote,  or an alignment issue you may have in your dissertation. I will be always there fore you.

Also, my satisfaction guarantee policy is a peace of mind to all those who never tried my services. These are the reasons that made LindasHelp stand out of the crowd for many years. & that’s why, you must look no more for any other academic services provider.

Doctorate Level Help


I do receive many requests for my doctorate level help service, but I only take few on board. Many doctorate level students make a deadly mistake when they become concerned more about the price of the service rather than the quality.  I am sorry, as I can not offer “cheap” prices. In fact, I firmly believe that “Cheap” is very very expensive for you.



A high quality, well cited and referenced doctorate level 1 page paper, needs at least 3-4 hours to be completed. If you are seeking help, and you find someone to do for $20, or even $30, you should instantly conclude that the person who gave you such price is not a U.S based writer, nor is someone good enough to work on a doctorate level papers. Looking for a “Cheap” prices, often results with plagiarized content or at least low quality papers that may lead to significant low grade or suspension from school.



On the other hand, when you use my service, you have a peace of mind as I focus on 3 major writing standards. 1: Originality, 2: Quality 3: Content. In addition, each student gets unlimited number of revision.



  • The standard prices for Discussion Questions is $25 for one post ( Each post is up to 150 words and 1 peer reviewed Reference)
  • The standard prices Power Point Presentations range between  $20-30 per slide ( 1 slide = 3-5 bullets and  up to 100 words in speaker notes)
  • The standard prices for regular classes range between  $40-65 per page ( 1 page = 250 words APA formatted )
  • The standard prices for research classes range between  $50-75 per page ( 1 page = 250 words APA formatted ) PLUS $150-$250 flat fees if the assignment requires SPSS runs / Analysis.
  • The standard prices An entire week service ranges between $320-$600 depending on class. ( DOC 722, 723, 734 – not included )
  • The standard prices for 8 week class ranges between $2500-$4500 depending on class. ( DOC 722, 723, 734 – not included )



Due to the nature of the service, I only accept to help a very limited number of students. Also due to the nature of the service, I can not offer any fixed rate for such service. There are many phases, lots of edits and lots of changes. The standard price for writing chapter 1, 2 and 3 ranges between $70-120 per page ( might be higher for some dissertations ) . Also, an additional fee may apply to editing and and revising.



Each doctorate level assignment is unique and thus, the price vary from one assignment to another. From the above prices list, you can estimate the cost of the service you need help with.

If you feel yourself comfortable with the price range, send me an email with the specif assignment instructions so I can replay to you with the exact cost of the service you need help with. You can send your questions / Assignment instructions to my email : Or text me at 940-222-2880.